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Taxation Planning & Compliance

Personal taxation

We currently prepare and submit in the region of 1000 self-assessment income tax returns on behalf of our clients. Where the information is provided to us within a reasonable time we guarantee to have the form completed and submitted within the Inland Revenue deadlines, and to notify you of the tax to pay.

Taxation Planning and Compliance

Corporate taxation

Corporation tax computations, capital allowance calculations and forms CT600 are completed for all of our Limited Company clients. We submit these to the Inland Revenue on your behalf and notify the directors of the tax due and the payment date.

Value added taxation

We complete quarterly VAT returns for many of our clients. Contact any of the partners or ask for Sue Jackson in our VAT department for further details.

Capital Gains Tax; Inheritance Tax; Inland Revenue Investigations

Michael Faulkner heads up our tax department and deals with such specialist taxes. Increases in house prices over recent years have made IHT a distinct possibility for many estates. Our tax team can ascertain the current value of your estate, consider the implications of your existing will and provide you with advice on how to minimise your exposure to the tax.

David, Chris, Peter and Michael have considerable experience of accompanying and representing clients during Inland Revenue investigations. Such investigations are becoming more frequent as the Inland Revenue can now choose cases at random.

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